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Free T-shirt

So that there are enough to go round you can only reserve one free t-shirt per household, and you must be a resident of mainland USA. Sorry!

We’re giving ONE MILLION DOLLARS to charity. Make sure you choose one of the charities from the drop down list. We make it easy to give to charity, and you don’t want to waste your vote. Once all available t-shirts are taken, we will announce the winner.
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free needle container

for all your pozzed up needles or just for anything

btw i used this for heebdawgs SS packaging this year
In. Though it’s not very romantic I think the girlfriend will have fun prying her birthday present out of it. Good call. I saw the thread where he opened it.
i’m going to fill this up with red food coloring and throw it at my asshole neighbor’s front door.

Im in NC too, are you my neighbor.
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BLOCKBUSTER Total Access 1 Month Free Trial!

  • $9.99 per month after trial
  • 2 DVDs per month, 1 at a time
  • Up to 2 In-Store Exchanges per month
  • No Due Dates or Late Fees for Online Rentals

Expires 05/08/08
(affiliate link)

why would i sign up with that link…when in conga madness we instruct people how to make real bank off doing shit like blockbuster? speaking of which, just signed up it again today working towards a site…<
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trying to quit smoking?…heres a free sample

Nico Derm Free samples.

Good luck with it!
Just here to lure you to the dark side…

$50.00 in free menthol cigaretes…

I don’t smoke BTW…
hah in for a quick fix of nicotine to last me during school haha
HAHA i could care less if you smoke or dont. I do and continue to. I just placed for those who are trying…

MUDFISH Thanks for the free menthol stuff.. YUM!

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ATTN People: "Free Presidential Coins" = scam

It’s probably old news but new to me and was in the Houston Chronicle today.

I picked up the paper this evening (and I’ve found out this ad has been in papers throughout America.. even the Wall Street Journal) and flipped to the back and saw what looked like a column about "free presidential coins". Read through it and it looked like you could get a display of presidential coins for a total of 28$ "shipping".

The ‘column’ says you get a years worth of coins. Then later on in the ad it says the coins are minted and sold 4 times a year. I later find out(when I call the number) that equals to 4 coins. Not the full display they show.
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Free Blu Ray Movie – 6 Titles to Choose from :eek3:!

Get Blu-ray Certified and Receive a Free Blu-Ray Movie

There are 6 clips you have to view and then take a question/answer quiz at the end. Once you have completed the course, click on go back to portal and select a movie.

Movie Selection:
Chicken Little
Deja Vu
Glory Road
The Prestige

already done this still waiting on my movies! it has been 3+weeks
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Free EAS Energy Supplment

This is in May issue of Shape magazine. The offer code is 4140. And it will ask for the code. Also the magazine but not the name of it.
3-5 weeks? geez….

in for a month from now

Thank you for requesting your free EAS Sample. Your request has been processed, and you should receive your free Sample within the next 3-5 weeks.

Taken within 30 minutes after your workout, the high-quality protein in EAS® Myoplex® helps you refuel and build lean muscle.

Each month, Team EAS athletes will reveal their nutrition plans, training schedules, and more.
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Free WiFi Routers

FON is giving away 10,000 free routers to celebrate their 1-yr anniversary. It was announced yesterday so jump in ASAP while they’re still available.

I had trouble registering at first – but I checked my e-mail and it went through even though I received an error on the web site.

It did the same for me Thanks!
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