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Free Blu Ray Movie – 6 Titles to Choose from :eek3:!

Get Blu-ray Certified and Receive a Free Blu-Ray Movie

There are 6 clips you have to view and then take a question/answer quiz at the end. Once you have completed the course, click on go back to portal and select a movie.

Movie Selection:
Chicken Little
Deja Vu
Glory Road
The Prestige

already done this still waiting on my movies! it has been 3+weeks
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Black Friday Deals

post them here

for those who don’t know what black Friday is, it is the day after thanksgiving

gotta $500 best buy card that I should have by then…
Ahh I cant wait for Black Friday! Best way to get Xmas shopping done..and shopping for myself lol
does anyone have the old walmart stuff that was up for a while before it all got ripped down?

PS3/Games $280 @ dell sb

theyll probably cancel orders tomorrow, this is 2good2bTru
Our apologies…

The product you have selected is not currently available for online purchase in the segment you have selected.

Suggested Action(s)
Go back and select another segment to view the price online.
Use the navigation on the left-hand side of this page to browse by product category for equivalent products within the segment you have selected.
Use the search feature on the left-hand side of this page, if you know the exact product you are looking for
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