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MLB Free Fanpack

Just email them and tell them you’re a fan and would like to request
for a fan pack if one’s available. Just include your name and address
in the email. Most packs include a schedule, team picture, buttons,
some have pencils and stickers, cards etc..

I gave it a shot.

Go Cubs
Didn’t we have a thread about this before the season?
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free hat or shirt from bananahockey.com

in, seems like it’s a new store opening in July…see what happens.

Thanks to be part of our new Team. You will receive your hat or T-shirt in the next 8 weeks. Banana Hockey is proud to have you on his roster.

Thank for your business and please feel free to contact us should you have any questions.
IN after i figured out you have to spell out your state

yea i typed NY and it said "ERROR, STATE MUST BE MORE THAN 2 CHARACTERS!!" so i was like but then I
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