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Free Pack of Baseball Cards starts 3/29

info on link below

form isnt up yet so just chill until 3/29

To celebrate, fans can sign in at mlb.com/cards and receive a free pack of baseball cards. Each pack will contain five base cards from Topps, five base cards from Upper Deck, one chase card from Topps, one chase card from Upper Deck, and one informational card. Participating hobby stores will also hand out free packs on National Baseball Card Day, as will stadiums that are hosting some of the final exhibition games before the regular season gets under way.
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MLB Free Fanpack

Just email them and tell them you’re a fan and would like to request
for a fan pack if one’s available. Just include your name and address
in the email. Most packs include a schedule, team picture, buttons,
some have pencils and stickers, cards etc..

I gave it a shot.

Go Cubs
Didn’t we have a thread about this before the season?
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