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Free "New" Schick Quattro Titanium Razor

I got in on the last go around. I cannot stand this razor. Hair gets caught between the blades and is a pain to get out.

Gillette Fuzion FTW!!!!
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Free Microsoft software to students!

There’s plenty of students on here, I figured some peopel might be able to use this.

Windows Server 2003
Visual Studio 2008 Professional
SQL Server 2005
Express Studio
Visual Studio 2005 Professional

Microsoft DreamSpark continues to offer select students free use of select Microsoft Software. Choose from SQL Server Developer Edition, Visual Studio 2008, Visual Basic 2005, Virtual PC 2007, Windows Server 2003, and more. To obtain this software, you must first log in with or create a Windows Live ID and then verify you’re a student by choosing your school from a list and logging in with your student information. Once verified, you will be prompted to download an ISO image of the software of your choice.
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