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Black Friday Deals

post them here

for those who don’t know what black Friday is, it is the day after thanksgiving

gotta $500 best buy card that I should have by then…
Ahh I cant wait for Black Friday! Best way to get Xmas shopping done..and shopping for myself lol
does anyone have the old walmart stuff that was up for a while before it all got ripped down?

$10 off $25 Purchase at Lowes using your Visa


Fill it out, hit submit, then hit back and change your email address for multiple.

Not sure how long this will last so get in quick .


They now require unique addresses and email addresses.


Home depot accepts Lowes coupons.

You can easily print 10 copies of 1 coupon and use 1 at lowes (they will scan it and keep it, this kills that coupon number), however, you can use the other 9 at home depot (sometimes they keep them, but they don’t scan them).
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