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Free WiFi Routers

FON is giving away 10,000 free routers to celebrate their 1-yr anniversary. It was announced yesterday so jump in ASAP while they’re still available.

I had trouble registering at first – but I checked my e-mail and it went through even though I received an error on the web site.

It did the same for me Thanks!
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35% off any 3 "Buy It Now" items from eBay !!!!

I’m really suprised this isn’t on here (unless I just didn’t see it)…

So this works, taken from slickdeals.net:

35% cash back from eBay purchase using Microsoft Live Search *No selling!*

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Only applies to Buy It Now items paid for using PayPal. For example, go to (type it into your browser, don’t click the link in this post) and search for an "iPod 80 GB". Check the paid results at the top and right for a link to eBay with the "live search cashback" icon. Click it, find a Buy It Now auction for a Wii (or whatever you want for that matter). Discount should be listed on checkout page.
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