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Free Dozen w/ purchase of Dozen – Krispy Kreme

Is that a real coupon? Looks fake. Oh well, I quit eating doughnuts along w/ everyone else at work anyway. Of course they only quit because people quit buying them (me).
Im assuming you have to use this at an actual krispy kreme store becuase there aren’t any locally and I don’t think the local food lion will accept this
it says right on the coupon only available at krispy kreme stores. out

I really don’t need any doughnuts anyway

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FREE Penn-Station Sub

Just find your city, sign up, and enjoy a great sandwich from Penn Station.
Wish they had free fries with it
But it is still awesome
I signed up 5 times already

however, it depends where you are located on what offer you get. mine was a buy one get one free, but if you’re in a few other ones, its completely free, and some places don’t get an offer at all.
nothing on the east coast for the so called "east coast subs" place…out
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