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BLOCKBUSTER Total Access 1 Month Free Trial!

  • $9.99 per month after trial
  • 2 DVDs per month, 1 at a time
  • Up to 2 In-Store Exchanges per month
  • No Due Dates or Late Fees for Online Rentals

Expires 05/08/08
(affiliate link)

why would i sign up with that link…when in conga madness we instruct people how to make real bank off doing shit like blockbuster? speaking of which, just signed up it again today working towards a site…<
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Free Month Trial of Blockbuster Online

Go to

enter promo code


and get 1 month free of the 3 at a time with 5 instore echanges (19.99 plan)

You still ahve to give a credit card – but the card will not be charged as this is a 1 month free trial code.

Feel free to share with who ever you like.

I know it works because I just signed up a customer using this code.
i went into the site and looked into one of their plans.

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Coke reward points

You can get a bunch of free shit from mycokerewards.com

If anyone isn’t using their codes could you possibly private message me and give them to me??
They take forever to type in. Where I work, there are probably 10 points a day in caps that aren’t used. I don’t really feel like typing them into a website though.
ya it is, you can use yoru cell phone and just text it to some number i forget what it is, but its easy as fuck
did this for over a year an switched jobs couldn’t get on in over a month and lost all my points. Only problem is it takes alot of points to get something decent…
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