FREE Penn-Station Sub

Just find your city, sign up, and enjoy a great sandwich from Penn Station.
Wish they had free fries with it
But it is still awesome
I signed up 5 times already

however, it depends where you are located on what offer you get. mine was a buy one get one free, but if you’re in a few other ones, its completely free, and some places don’t get an offer at all.
nothing on the east coast for the so called "east coast subs" place…out

no restaurants in Boston, whata great east coast chain
coupon is good for the day it is mailed to you

Expires: 07/10/08
I think I saw one the other day, so I am gonna look it up.

Thank you.
ugh… mine gives free fries with an expensive, greasy sub…
this is what my coupon states

Somerset, KY, Paducah, KY and Greater Toledo, OH Locations Only
Expires: 07/24/08
Participating St. Louis and Metro East Locations Only
NOT INCLUDING Maryland Heights Location
This email can only be used one time
Dine-In or carryout orders will be accepted
One certificate per customer
Not valid with any other offer
Customer ID may be requested
Multiple email addresses may not be used
mine expires on the 24th, i get a buy one get one free sub

i went there a couple of months ago for the first time. i got some pizza bread and fries. i really wasn’t all that impressed

i’ll have to try something different
free small sub.

Penn station is some good shit. I prefer subway, but if im gonna get a heated sub, then penn station is the best ive had. Thanks
had 2 more sub coupons sent to me, did not use the first ones, and todays sent to different emails had expired dates of july 10th also

so quick editting and i fixed them and went to penn station and brought one home to try

used mine today
nummy club

thats what i got too

shit is gooood man
Penn Station is the best sub ever.

I got free fries. Thanks.

Penn Station is the best sub ever.

I got free fries. Thanks.

also the best fries ever
This ends up being a dollar off any sub for the Columbus, OH locations.
lol I thought this was for a subscription for a magazine called Penn-Station
fuck them. I went the day I signed up. I took the email they sent me and it had expired the day before.

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