Free No Stank You Tshirts (anti smoking campaign) (Washington State ONLY)

ok unfortunately this is for Washington State Residents Only

i live in ontario canada and thought i could register for this so it didn’t work for me after attempting to register

so you fill out the form and participate in 3 seperate online activites and they send you a shirt
I’ve obtained many shirts from them, works well, and they’re decent quality T’s.
I also chuckle each time I wear them, then light up a smoke.
Would be in but can’t change the state to sign up. Shows only WA.

I signed up for the t-shirt when this was originally posted and I live in MN, I just filled out all the info with my address and the state did say WA I put my zip code anyways and it accepted the form and I just received my t shirt. the shirts are pretty small according to size.

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