Free Microsoft software to students!

There’s plenty of students on here, I figured some peopel might be able to use this.

Windows Server 2003
Visual Studio 2008 Professional
SQL Server 2005
Express Studio
Visual Studio 2005 Professional

Microsoft DreamSpark continues to offer select students free use of select Microsoft Software. Choose from SQL Server Developer Edition, Visual Studio 2008, Visual Basic 2005, Virtual PC 2007, Windows Server 2003, and more. To obtain this software, you must first log in with or create a Windows Live ID and then verify you’re a student by choosing your school from a list and logging in with your student information. Once verified, you will be prompted to download an ISO image of the software of your choice.

Currently only students of select universities in select countries are eligible. Participating countries so far include the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, China, Germany, France, Finland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and Belgium.

no thanks. Get that and an assload more thru my school’s msdn already, including office 2k7 for mac.
I wish they actually sent something I could sell, not just download… I don’t need anything on the list…
could someone tell me why a student would need server software?

either way, just torrent it. just as good

could someone tell me why a student would need server software?

either way, just torrent it. just as good

I do. I have 6 servers that I run personally.

Also, students going for M$ certs can use it for study purposes.
So, I signed up for the JourneyEd verification, since I take night classes, and my CC was listed on it. They weren’t able to verify me, so I forgot all about it.

Last night, I got an email saying the order was automatically canceled, but then I showed up as verified on dreamspark.

So it looks like if you just attempt to get verified, MS will pass you through, and you get the free stuff.
i’m part of ohiolink, but ohiolink is only for staff members. the university of akron is not part of the list of universities that participate.

oh well, i have server 2003 r2 anyways
my msdn-aa access is busted… and our campus’ it person is on vacation… ugh

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