Free LED flashlight keychain

"Get 12 tips to help you cut your printing costs without buying anything. Enter your email to get the article and we’ll also send you a free LED keychain flashlight. (Limited time offer)"

It’s on the right side, you need to enter your email then it will take you to another page with a few questions (what kind of printer, where you buy toner,..)

Also, you will get a confirmation email with a link to confirm your email subscription that is necessary to click to get your freebie.

signed up for this a while back and got it. pretty cool
As promised, your free, super-bright, keychain LED flashlight will ship via the United States Postal Service to your USA or Canada address (Please allow 14-21 days for your keychain LED flashlight to arrive). We’ll gladly send one free LED keychain flashlight per household address (these exact same flashlights are being sold for as much as $2.49 on the net!)

yeah i seen that too

i am going to be rich reselling it
Always need something for shedding light… In…Thanks
Got my light yesterday… thing is bright for being so small ^.^

so did mine
got it…worked for 2 hrs or so then died…what the gay

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