Free Fruitista from Taco Bell Good till 6/19

bottom right hand corner there is a box to click for a coupon, it will ask to install a coupon printer on your computer

i was able to print 2 out before they said i reached the max, was able to do it on 2 different machines, saved one to make copies for future uses

after printing hit back twice and it will print another copy
Sweet, thanks! I printed 2 as well, and since I have my printer set to preview before printing, I got a screen-cap The barcodes seem to be unique though, so I don’t know if it’ll do much good.

ha, doesn’t work in firefox. also doesn’t work on my mac with safari after installing the coupon printer package i click print coupons and nothing happens

Works fine in Firefox, I printed 2
Are they any good? I saw the commericial and the talking turtle was pissing me off and shit, so I was completely turned away from the product.
Just used one of my coupons today.

Of course they screwed up the rest of my order… but I still got my free Frutista!

yes they are

doesn’t in firefox on a mac. i used a pc with firefox and i printed out 2

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