Case (24) of Rockstar energy drink (pomigramit) – $10

Some Big Lots have cases (24 full sized cans) of the pomigramit (spelling?) Rockstar energy drinks for just $10. Might not be the best flavor but I don’t usually get energy drinks for the taste myself lol.

I usually spend $10 for just 3 or 4 cans so this way I get about 20 cans free.

Probably a closeout because no one buys them because of the flavor but allt he more for me .
Oh man. Pomegranate is the best flavor I think. If I had a Big Lots around here, I would be driving there right now. I have such a craving for that drink now…

Gah, what an awesome deal I’m missing out on.

Don’t really care as long as the message is understood . First time I think I have ever tried to spell it and probably the last time I will need to lol.

I got 5 cases lol. Might go back and get some more and sell them on craigslist for like $25 a case or something.

I don’t think it is. Need to check the cans but they are all still in my car lol.

i’m out of town this week, so i called my mom and had her pick me up a few cases…she said there were three people in line with them, she got 3 cases for me

I think its like 47g sugar per can and 160g caffeine or so
good thing no sugar free or i would be broke right now…
fixing to go look at my BL. hopefully i can find some Rockstar roasted somewhere in town, that sells cases or half cases or something other than singles.

Why is everyone so afraid of sugar? I’d rather have the real stuff than get cancer from Splenda.

thats what i thought too!

everyone laughed at me.
most biglots have this deal going on for some of the lesser known energy drinks. a 24count case can usually be had for 14 bucks

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