75 free condoms & free shipping with purchase

Until 3/6, is offering 75 free assorted color condoms (with a
$9.95 purchase) and FREE first class shipping or a credit of $3.50 toward
any other shipping method.

So if you get another 12-pack of condoms for $9.95, you’d end up with 87
condoms for only $9.95 with free shipping. That’s only about a dime each!
or you can goto the health department and get a bag of them free.

lol or bareback

Aren’t they all "recycled" condoms or something like that? There was this same thread with that site a while ago I think.

I wouldn’t trust some no name condoms. I got like 150 free from freecondoms.com back in the day. Never used any of them cause I didn’t trust them.

There was another thread like this in the main forum a few months ago and it turns out the 100 free condoms from that site we used, washed, then repackaged and sent out.

taken from the rofl thread

please, someone say this isn’t true

jesus christ

weren’t those issued by Durex?

Anyway, free Government approved condoms FTW:

i got these and hate them. the last time i ordered from condomania i chose to donate my 75 condoms to charity

weren’t those issued by Durex?

Anyway, free Government approved condoms FTW:

NYC only
I know plenty of people have ordered from there but I don’t like their customer service.

I had placed an order [back near christmas, I believe I even posted the offer here for 50 free condoms with any purchase] and they emailed me saying that I put the wrong card number in or something, even though it was approved on the page itself. I wrote them back, inquiring if the deal was still valid if I re-did my order. They never got back to me, thus never getting my business.
I ordered from them months ago and they charged me like $5 more than the total I agreed to and was emailed to me. I emailed them asking them to remove it and they just never replied.

I had JUST finished with a larger fraudulent paypal charge (paypal charged $100 to my credit card through someone else’s paypal account even though I don’t even have a credit card connected to paypal!), and I didn’t want to deal with it again, so I just paid it. I emailed them a second time and again never got a response.

Basically they charged me for shipping even though my order was supposed to have free shipping. I won’t be ordering from them again.

if anything, they’re made from recycled latex, but not used condoms.

Mugatu or someone else retarded made that up.

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