35% off any 3 "Buy It Now" items from eBay !!!!

I’m really suprised this isn’t on here (unless I just didn’t see it)…

So this works, taken from slickdeals.net:

35% cash back from eBay purchase using Microsoft Live Search *No selling!*

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Only applies to Buy It Now items paid for using PayPal. For example, go to (type it into your browser, don’t click the link in this post) and search for an "iPod 80 GB". Check the paid results at the top and right for a link to eBay with the "live search cashback" icon. Click it, find a Buy It Now auction for a Wii (or whatever you want for that matter). Discount should be listed on checkout page.

T&C on eBay’s site:

More info from M$:

List of stores participating in cashback:

I hope this information helps! Why would M$ do this? My best guess is that someone there believes they will pay out less in cash back than eBay will be paying them for the clicks generated. I have no doubt SDers will ensure M$ loses their asses on this one! An SD newbie thanks everyone for the positive response, have fun with this one!

If it doesn’t give you 35% then close your browser and try again. If it still doesn’t then try to search for some other moderately high dollar item and enter eBay that way. Then once you’re in eBay you can search for what you want and retain the 35% cash back.

CLIFFS: MS Live Cashback Rewards is offering up to 35% on any Buy It Now item from eBay when paid for with PayPal. You can only do it 3 times and each time must be an individual session. Each session has a cashback cap of $250. Items must be purchased within 60 minutes of the live.com search.

So you have to commit to buy before you can see if the discount applies? That doesn’t seem right.

No, after you click "Buy It Now" you are brought to a new screen with the exact amount you will get refunded and are then asked to confirm your purchase.
i never really found a solid answer, some say it does, some say it dosnt. but has anyone tried to get a prepaid gift card of some kind? and used the 35 percent
I saw the this yesterday and when I got home I checked it out and found that "cheap ipod" still worked for the 35% off then went to check ps3s and it was down to 10% so I went back to the ipods and they changed it down to 10% as well. Microsoft caught on and now it doesnt work anymore.

It did work tho if you caught it yesterday and the day before. People were already getting their credits back yesterday I read.
I made a huge thread and you’re too late, it’s only 10% now.

Not entirely true. I just tried it again and got a 15% off offer.

Yea, and people are stacking it with the 10% off coupon going on until the 30th. Plus ebay bucks are double until the 29th which is another 10% back but it can only be used on ebay.
anyone know if there are new 10% off coupons? the old ones expired last night.


Here is the new 10% off code, but it won’t work until 7/8/08 …. tomorrow…
forgot the SlickDeals link to the 10% off…

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