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Free NRA’s essential Second Ammendment Guide

NRA’s Essential Second Amendment Guide Right now, your Constitutional right to keep and bear arms is under attack by politicians, bureaucrats and the gun-hating media. And they won’t stop until they ban every rifle, pistol and shotgun you own.
Fight back now. Get your free copy of NRA’s Essential Second Amendment Guide. This powerful 160-page handbook, gives you the facts you need to protect this essential American liberty.
Visit their website to request yours absolutely free today.
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Free T-shirt

So that there are enough to go round you can only reserve one free t-shirt per household, and you must be a resident of mainland USA. Sorry!

We’re giving ONE MILLION DOLLARS to charity. Make sure you choose one of the charities from the drop down list. We make it easy to give to charity, and you don’t want to waste your vote. Once all available t-shirts are taken, we will announce the winner.
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Free Dozen w/ purchase of Dozen – Krispy Kreme

Is that a real coupon? Looks fake. Oh well, I quit eating doughnuts along w/ everyone else at work anyway. Of course they only quit because people quit buying them (me).
Im assuming you have to use this at an actual krispy kreme store becuase there aren’t any locally and I don’t think the local food lion will accept this
it says right on the coupon only available at krispy kreme stores. out

I really don’t need any doughnuts anyway

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