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Get Free Stickers and Decals from virtually any company you want

My friend who dirt bikes has tonnes of large and medium sized stickers for his bike. All he does it email companies and tells them he got a new bike and wants stickers for it.

He’s done this to Cocacola, Monster Energy, Jack Daniels, Crispy Crunch, etc.

I’ve already received my Monster stickers, and they’re pretty sweet. There are some big ones like 6" x 4" and 10" x 2". There’s 12 stickers in all.

If you can’t find an email on the company’s website you want, you can go to , enter their domain name, and look for an email there.
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BLOCKBUSTER Total Access 1 Month Free Trial!

  • $9.99 per month after trial
  • 2 DVDs per month, 1 at a time
  • Up to 2 In-Store Exchanges per month
  • No Due Dates or Late Fees for Online Rentals

Expires 05/08/08
(affiliate link)

why would i sign up with that link…when in conga madness we instruct people how to make real bank off doing shit like blockbuster? speaking of which, just signed up it again today working towards a site…<
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trying to quit smoking?…heres a free sample

Nico Derm Free samples.

Good luck with it!
Just here to lure you to the dark side…

$50.00 in free menthol cigaretes…

I don’t smoke BTW…
hah in for a quick fix of nicotine to last me during school haha
HAHA i could care less if you smoke or dont. I do and continue to. I just placed for those who are trying…

MUDFISH Thanks for the free menthol stuff.. YUM!

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Free Hypo-Allergenic Pillow Case

Keep those dust mites at bay!

Fill out a 3 page survey over at Xyzal and they will send you a complimentary hypoallergenic pillowcase. While supplies last. This has been around for awhile, but it looks like they are back in stock.
oh whatever, you guys are so damn needy!

my bad
TOTALLY FUCKING IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank You

There’s a new choice in allergy treatment that may work for you. Print out the results of the Allergy Symptom Scorecard, bring them to your next doctor visit and ask if XYZAl is right for you.
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Free Uni-Ball

"Always sign your tax forms, checks and important documents with a pen that helps prevent check washing and other document fraud. Secure Your Signature NOW and receive a FREE uni-ball pen with ."

It appears they have run out for the day, try again tomorrow, I have no idea how many they are giving out each day. Good Luck.

i use these pens exclusively

V7 and V5 ftw
Took me a couple days…had to try right after midnight central time.
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Free Map of Michigan

From Mich DOT
apparently they got some roads now

I’m in….need a "You are here" map for my kids
Scheduled Server Backups

We are currently performing Backups on the server(s) hosting your application(s). The Backups should be complete by about 4:00 AM. Please check back later. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

I get this so often. It’s nice surfing at night cause speeds are quicker, but lately it seems more and more sites are down at night.
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