Monthly Archives: November 2008

Free "New" Schick Quattro Titanium Razor

I got in on the last go around. I cannot stand this razor. Hair gets caught between the blades and is a pain to get out.

Gillette Fuzion FTW!!!!
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Free WiFi Routers

FON is giving away 10,000 free routers to celebrate their 1-yr anniversary. It was announced yesterday so jump in ASAP while they’re still available.

I had trouble registering at first – but I checked my e-mail and it went through even though I received an error on the web site.

It did the same for me Thanks!
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Free Cell Phone Service

Service takes care of cell phone overage fees and it’s free.

It’s simple – sign up at and you will receive an email when you are about to go over your alloted minutes or messages for the month.

It’s totally free – no strings attached.

Or you just check your own minutes….

And have one less company that sells your email for spam use.
Pretty cool Idea for those who have no concept of what is going on and don’t know how to check their stuff, Good find. But don’t need it. Thanks though!
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Free Subscription to Premier Guitar Magazine

A one-year NO COST subscription to Premier Guitar Magazine
has been reserved for you!
Just register and the next 12 issues of Premier Guitar will be delivered to your door.
Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery of your first issue.QUANTITIES ARE LIMITIED!

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they work just do it quick cause lots of others use the same code and it kills it
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