Daily Archives: October 6, 2008

FREE Penn-Station Sub

Just find your city, sign up, and enjoy a great sandwich from Penn Station.
Wish they had free fries with it
But it is still awesome
I signed up 5 times already

however, it depends where you are located on what offer you get. mine was a buy one get one free, but if you’re in a few other ones, its completely free, and some places don’t get an offer at all.
nothing on the east coast for the so called "east coast subs" place…out
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Free OneTouch ultramini blood glucose meter haha

mine came in today! thanks!

i’m signing up for another one
one for myself to learn about taking it apart and one for my grandpa who needs it
mine came in a few days ago. it’s pretty nice. signed up my dad, step-brother, and ex’s mom up for these. diabetes ftmfl…
Got 2 gave one away, Saw costco sells them for like $30 and on e-bay they are selling for dirt cheap…so Number 2 is going to be a X-mas gift, HAHA
Ordered one for me and sent link to my brother in law who has diabetes
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Really cheap Oakley products for Military and other service members

This site has been around for a while so it’s probably a repost, but I just placed an order with them and figured I’d post this for anyone who didn’t know about it.

The site is:

It’s the official site for Oakley military sales. They offer big discounts on a pretty good selection of sunglasses and other gear. Most products are less than half the retail price. The only catches are that most of the glasses are pretty plain (though they do sell lenses), and that you have to submit proof of being in the military/fire/police to buy from them. This is really easy, just send a pic of your business card or id, you can black out all your info except name.
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