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Everytime an item sells out on Woot today they replace it with something else.
I dont care that much that the woot-off is over, but I am fucking pissed that the bacon salt sold out before I could get some.

That shit looked amazing. You can buy it at Albertsons if you have one in your area (I’m assuming anyway)
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Free Inc Year Sub

short stupid survey and then you get it
in, I have like 5 subscriptions from rewardsgold now, all have come in.
rewrdsgold is awesome. i get like 5 mags from them too

that is why i shared it, had no problem with getting magazine subs from rewardsgold in the past

Tons of FREE shit from Pepsi…

1. Sign up for an account at
2. go to and get 5 free points.
3. clear you cookies
4. repeat steps 1-3 for every email address you have (I have over 300 for spam)…
5. profit…

I wish they had more stuff, I have ordered everything I want… maybe some more headphones to sell or something…

Here is what I ordered today… they all come from Amazon, and I have order #’s for all of them…

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Old School, New School Contest

Hey guys, the contest is still going on, where you can win Adidas kicks, an old school Corvette, arcade gaming cabinets and lots more. The contest ends on August 11th, 2008, so be sure to check it out.

You can get codes from Mountain Dew bottles/cans, AMP Energy cans and Sobe products. Here’s the list of ways to play:

Best of luck! Who’s in?
Yeah – and if you don’t win any of the prizes, you automatically get into a consolation prize drawing for a free Mountain Dew hat.
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DFW people

Well Blockbuster lanuched it’s new Kiosk at two local stores. As a result the required player ARCHOS 605 Wifi 4GB version is being sold at the two stores.

I know of 1 of the stores – located on Lemmon Avenue near SMU campus

They are selling the ARCHOS 605 Wifi player at an intro price of $99. This is a $200+ player

Rewards Gold: Free Sub to TV GUIDE

i think the link should bring you to after the survey, but if not you have to fill out a survey about your favorite TV show and 25 word paragraph (Seriously not that long).

Thank you! I had this years ago and have been waiting/ searching for it ever since! It worked then, I hope it works now!
Gone already. I got in, but my mother-in-law waited too long.

Here’s the alternative "reward" to the TV Guide sub

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